Sun, 07 Jan 2007

nearly a year later, a hint to why they screwed up?

Despite having closed my easystreet membership a long time ago I just got a letter from them advising me of some changes to their service - that makes a reference to other previous letters I never got. Interestingly this letter is a) 2 weeks late, and b) addressed to the right street address but wrong state and postcode.

So I can theorise, despite me calling them up and clarifying my postal address over the phone the first time it became obvious they lost the cheque, that all this time they sent it to the wrong address or something?

Now have moved to a just as easy to use (if not easier) online savings account via BankWest at that even has a higher interest rate than easystreet. So at least some good came of all of this.

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Sun, 26 Mar 2006

end of the mess

Well the cheque finally arrived, 14 days late. Strangely enough it was sent by "express post", when EasyStreet insisted to me on the phone they had sent it normal post, and they dont send cheques any other way? Sounds like the left hand doesn't know what the right had is doing there. The "Express Post" even has a tracking number on it that can be used to trace it's course through the postal system.. completely useless of to anybody when nobody knows this.

The picture is an error I got just then when logging in to see whats up with their online banking.. kind of sums it all up really.

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Wed, 08 Mar 2006

ongoing shambles with easystreet finance

It's now wednesday morning, and suprise suprise, no cheque. Called up and stopped the cheque, have arranged finance elsewhere, time to move on from the slow motion trainwreck that is dealing with easystreet before ending up as more collateral damage. Easystreet staff suprisingy unsuprised by all this mess, I wonder how often their procedures cause this kind of mess to happen?

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Fri, 03 Mar 2006

It's now Friday after the Monday when they claimed to have sent the cheque

and I have not got anything. Despite "easy street" financial services insisting on this being the only way their auditors allow them to send money there is no way for them to prove to me that the money has actually been sent.. though of course they have not hesitated to start charging me interest. Seller of car starting to get agitated as he needs the dosh for his own purposes.. I am feeling guilty and depressed at continually having to fob him off with the old "cheque is in the mail", one of the most sorry excuses to use but have no choice. To add injury to insult my current car has now decayed to a state where I don't feel safe driving it on a freeway, I have to rent a car to get to work. Thanks guys! Amazing customer service!

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Thu, 02 Mar 2006

still a victim of easystreet's terrible procedures

it's now 4 days after the cheque has allegedly been sent and still no sign of it. My car has now died so I can't drive it to work, seller of the new car getting more and more impatient, and easystreet's attitude is tough luck. Not happy. Despite them messing it up initially they have made no attempt to expedite it, instead sending via the slowest and least trackable way possible so as to save a few cents. Thanks guys! Really great customer service! I'll be sure to tell everyone I meet how impressed I am!

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Tue, 28 Feb 2006

easystreet financial services not very easy

yes, this is a whinge. in the big picture this is not of consequence but it is bugging the hell out of me.

I had a need to upgrade my car unfortunately, so organised a loan from easystreet financial services. As I know I am fairly impatient I wanted to get the loan all approved before setting out to search for a car as I wanted to be able to pay for it in the spot. After a car was found, then came the delays as it turns out they had somehow not finished my application and still had stuff to do. It is now nearly 2 weeks after I got the following email from them (and a week after I assured the seller I had the money right at hand) and still no cheque:

 We advise that we have received the documentation required and your
 loan is ready to be funded. Once you have found a car contact us with
 the name of who you wish to buy the car from and we will print a cheque
 for the requested amount.
Generally I have been happy with EasyStreets low cost online services but looks like anything that needs human attention is destined to end up a shambles.

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