Thu, 15 Feb 2007


Well.. actually it doesn't suck at all, I have been a fanatical linux user since 1992 and endless is the hassles I have avoided with licensing, viruses trojans and security bugs by having a microsoft free home network, but sometimes the problem with infinite freedom is a million ways to do things.. leading to inconsistency and chaos. Sometimes this is great, but if you are trying to (for example) set up sound on Linux and find there are 2 seperate sound driver subsystems, Alsa and OSS, that are talked to by several sound subsystems (jackd, esd, artsd?) which of course may or may not be used by whichever application you are trying to make a noise with... leads to intense frustration for someting which really should have Just Worked ages ago.

Anyway, some people I know, Linux fans all, have made a site called Why Linux Sucks to help express these frustrations.

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