Thu, 23 Oct 2003

the right to read

Eben Moglen, a Columbia University law professor who represents the Free Software Foundation, says an SCO victory would further consolidate the software industry, raising possibilities for electronic surveillance of citizens. 'The ability to modify technology in the 21st century is power,' Moglen says. 'And it either belongs to a few, or to everybody. ... Those who control the behavior of technology control lives.'
- from Groklaw which is monitoring an extremely underhand attempt to do this..

See also The Right To Read.. think of current "technology" developments when reading:

"It was also possible to bypass the copyright monitors by installing a modified system kernel. Dan would eventually find out about the free kernels, even entire free operating systems, that had existed around the turn of the century. But not only were they illegal, like debuggers--you could not install one if you had one, without knowing your computer's root password. And neither the FBI nor Microsoft Support would tell you that."

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