Sun, 26 Aug 2007

Koh Pha Ngan news an interesting site exposing some of the goings on on that island of madness, known as Koh Pha Gnan.. Have not been eager to get back to the full mon party since I saw a 7/11 erected at Had Rin, but still the place has sentimental memories of the mad times there.

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Thu, 15 Feb 2007

A Random Persons Investment Blog

A Blog of someone twittering on about, like, shares'n'stuff.

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Sun, 05 Nov 2006

Blog of Dr Bunsen Honeydew

One part of mysterious duo Nerfcore has a Livejournal Blog.. at least LiveJournal sucks much (much) less than MySpace.

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Mon, 05 Jun 2006

The Religious Policeman Blog

Witty, inciteful, well written.. an excellent insiders view of the craziness of Saudi Society at muttawa : The Religious Policeman.

Unfortunately the author says he has just posted his last post. A pity, this is one of the best sites on the net. As he says, the site is In Memory of the lives of 15 Makkah Schoolgirls, lost when their school burnt down on Monday, 11th March, 2002. The Religious Police would not allow them to leave the building, nor allow the Firemen to enter.

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Sun, 03 Jul 2005

programmer finds evidence of illegal behaviour in his company, reports it to his management - and they get him arrested!

..."..the police, so induced will proceed to obtain a search warrant, raid your home and take every computer, CD/DVD, file folder or anything else that they have been told or "believe" might store information that "may" belong to your employer. Since they don't have time or the expertise to figure out what is what: THEY JUST TAKE IT ALL! After all it was around your home or hooked up to your home network via a single router. They can and will do all this just based on your employer's representations to the police who may not verify any of the information represented to them." -- more info at

link via slashdot

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Sat, 18 Jun 2005

The Blog well before the term was coined?

As I have just been playing the with Debian wordpress blog packages as an option to offer those besdies the rather nerdcentric pyblosxom, I remembered the "Discursions" concept of my old partner in crime Dwayne, after poking around the net it is still there in something approximating it's original form.. Proof of the whole blog concept being executed ala basic HTML years and years before the term was coined.

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Sun, 08 May 2005


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Mon, 25 Apr 2005

Gallipoli - The Game

Get into the spirit of ANZAC DAY with this computer game for Linux.

Gallipol: The Game is a lemmings-style version of the disastrous WWI campaign.

Gallipoli: The Game is a stunning recreation of Australia's greatest military adventure. As a commander in the Great War (WWI), you take on the role of leading the prime of Australia's armed forces as they launch an all-out assault on the Central Powers (the Germans, Austrians and the Ottomans). Gameplay is similar to the hit PC game, Lemmings, except, instead of trying to save your soldiers, your mission, as an authentic WWI commander, is to wipe out as many diggers as possible ... the more gruesome the better!

Galipoli screenshot Screenshot and blurb shameless nicked from The Linux Game Tome

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Mon, 07 Feb 2005

the plans have been found out!

About ZOGG

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Sun, 16 Jan 2005

search engine trendwatcher blog

My good pal Leigh has created an interesting tool at where you can sign up and graph the populatiry of various search engine terms. waycool!

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Sun, 07 Nov 2004

Legal Torrents

BitTorrent has been one of my favoutite ways of getting files for ages, an excellent way to distribute Linux ISO images and other stuff that spreads the load around all participating downloaders. Whats more the reference implementation is written in python.

Legal Torrents is a small but growing collection of .. well legal torrents.. as apposed to that vast majority of the content of those torrent search engines out there.

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Sun, 26 Sep 2004


SUCK.COM was my favourite internet site of all time, lucky the site is still there with all it's past articles. The only lasting bad thing of the 2000AD tech stock wreck was this site shutting down.

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Mon, 13 Sep 2004

Dark Network

Most excellent analogue electronic music from this mysterious duo.

I have been listening to their most excellent album Late Set on Clan Analogue Recordings, plus their site has some mp3s for download as well.

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Fri, 30 Jan 2004

Yet another site

with something to say about SCO's pathetic behaviour.

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Sun, 25 Jan 2004

for all those robots and spiders

This links for you!

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Mon, 15 Dec 2003

they are nerds and they write about rock?

or something. Good to have some local (Melbourne) random none-street press music goss.

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Sat, 08 Nov 2003

linking to more links to links of links on the google-go-round

Every GNU
Down in GNU-ville
Liked Linux a lot...

But SCO,
who lived just North of GNU-ville,
Did NOT!


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Thu, 23 Oct 2003

the right to read

Eben Moglen, a Columbia University law professor who represents the Free Software Foundation, says an SCO victory would further consolidate the software industry, raising possibilities for electronic surveillance of citizens. 'The ability to modify technology in the 21st century is power,' Moglen says. 'And it either belongs to a few, or to everybody. ... Those who control the behavior of technology control lives.'
- from Groklaw which is monitoring an extremely underhand attempt to do this..

See also The Right To Read.. think of current "technology" developments when reading:

"It was also possible to bypass the copyright monitors by installing a modified system kernel. Dan would eventually find out about the free kernels, even entire free operating systems, that had existed around the turn of the century. But not only were they illegal, like debuggers--you could not install one if you had one, without knowing your computer's root password. And neither the FBI nor Microsoft Support would tell you that."

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Mon, 13 Oct 2003


Well I used to pretty much stick to C and bash as my languages of choice, Perl is such a dogs dinner. But Python has been what I have been writing most stuff in nowadays, it is clean and well implemented, with a readable syntax and complete library that makes it ultra useful for general scripting and coding tasks.

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