Mon, 04 Jun 2007

Food Blogger threatened by owner of Melbourne's Bar Lourinha

After reviewing the fare at Melbourne's Bar Lourinha Spanish restaurant, food blog I Eat Therefore I Am cops an email threating legal action from someone who claims to be the manager of said establishment.

Apart from the threats being on extremely shaky legal ground, the whole things leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Since when does a mildy less than glowing review need to bring out the control freak pocket nazis?.

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Sun, 07 Jan 2007

some reviews of melbourne kimchi

"Korean Kim Kim Chi" Manufactured by FU SHENG FOODS of Springvale Victoria:
Avoid this one, overly salty and sweet, not much chilli and garlic. Icky taste.

"Korea KimChi Chinese Cabbage" - apparently no company name, or the very generic company name of KOREAN FOODS, hard to say. of Mckeon Rd Mitcham:
Absolutely delicious, addictive crunchy zingy taste. I am hooked on this stuff.

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Tue, 26 Dec 2006

Hooked On Kimchi

Been eating more and more Kimchi.. we started on small 300 gram tubs but have now have graduated to buying it by the 2KG jar.

Its a zingy, strong crunchy spicy mix of cabbage, chilli and garlic. It stinks to high heaven but tastes delicious. It has a kind of addictive morish taste. At least it has no sugar, no fat, and is evidently quite healthy.

More in kimchi from Life in Korea

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