Sun, 04 Apr 2004

I get A LOT of spam.

Since I have posted to Usenet through the 90s, registered domains and had a range of aliases that point to me published on various web pages I am under a constant onslaught of garbage that would make my email unusable without some kind of anti-spam system in place. I have even attempted to productise in the past some of the solutions used.

Mostly I have been using a combo of Spamassassin and Bogofilter with both server-wide and individual (procmail) filtering in place, but this still let quite a few through, especially now there is the increasing amount of spam that has been crafted to get through spamassassin's ruleset.

Enter Spambayes.. used at my work as it has a clean MS-windows installer and can work very well as a module in outlook, it also works great in command line filter (ala procmail) mode as well, and is more effective in my experience than spamassassin and bogofilter by maybe an order of magnitude. The imap mode seems a bit broken though.. but then I was testing it pointed to an M$ Exchange server which may have had something to do with it. So at work I have my outlook minimised acting as a spam coprocessor while I actual read my email in evolution.

This is an excellent example of how well a GPL, Python application can integrate into the a proprietary desktop environment, while still keeping command line low level flexibility, and run on multiple operating systems.

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