Sun, 16 Jan 2005

if war is a racket - then make it perpetual

I must be getting old.. I have started to actually take an interest in my superannuation, and associated once boring things like investment and managed funds and stuff.. this has also lead me to attempt to soak up some info on ethical investment and online investing.. once I have got a handle on it I might post more but right now my disclaimer is I don't know shit.

But as a counter to the managed funds with an ethical bent I came across the VICE FUND which invests in weapons, booze and porn - all no doubt good earners.. this also led me then to the more directly war oriented Perpetual War Folio and the Axis of Evil Fund.. lists of companies raking in big bucks given a Bush induced state of perpetual war. Interesting to ponder who has the most to gain financially from keeping the US in a perpetual state of terror alert and war.. and who is down with the current US Govt.. and how closely these two groups overlap.

But I think this was all figured out by ages ago by a US Marine when he figured out that war is a racket.

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