Fri, 03 Mar 2006

It's now Friday after the Monday when they claimed to have sent the cheque

and I have not got anything. Despite "easy street" financial services insisting on this being the only way their auditors allow them to send money there is no way for them to prove to me that the money has actually been sent.. though of course they have not hesitated to start charging me interest. Seller of car starting to get agitated as he needs the dosh for his own purposes.. I am feeling guilty and depressed at continually having to fob him off with the old "cheque is in the mail", one of the most sorry excuses to use but have no choice. To add injury to insult my current car has now decayed to a state where I don't feel safe driving it on a freeway, I have to rent a car to get to work. Thanks guys! Amazing customer service!

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