Tue, 28 Feb 2006

easystreet financial services not very easy

yes, this is a whinge. in the big picture this is not of consequence but it is bugging the hell out of me.

I had a need to upgrade my car unfortunately, so organised a loan from easystreet financial services. As I know I am fairly impatient I wanted to get the loan all approved before setting out to search for a car as I wanted to be able to pay for it in the spot. After a car was found, then came the delays as it turns out they had somehow not finished my application and still had stuff to do. It is now nearly 2 weeks after I got the following email from them (and a week after I assured the seller I had the money right at hand) and still no cheque:

 We advise that we have received the documentation required and your
 loan is ready to be funded. Once you have found a car contact us with
 the name of who you wish to buy the car from and we will print a cheque
 for the requested amount.
Generally I have been happy with EasyStreets low cost online services but looks like anything that needs human attention is destined to end up a shambles.

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