Wed, 14 Dec 2005

Rally Against Racism! Sunday 18th

(sent to me via email, lets counter the negative propaganda)

It's time for ALL Australians to Unite Against Racism!

The Unite Against Racism Rally

WHEN: Sunday 18th December 2005

TIME: 1pm

WHERE: Town Hall Square

After a marathon meeting at UTS last night, NUS (National Union of Students) and other associated community and cultural groups think it's time that the countless thousands of Sydney-siders who DID NOT like what they saw last weekend in Cronulla took to the streets to make their voice heard.

We need to send the strongest possible message to the rest of Australia and to the rest of the world that those 5000 people who rioted at Cronulla do not speak for us.

As such we need to quadruple their number, rain hail or shine!

Spam this out to everyone you know! Lets get down there and show the world that we ain't a nation of redneck dic*heads.

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