Sun, 29 Aug 2004

PyMeldLite is my favourite current python tech

After looking at a few of these web templating engines I dumped them in favour of PyMeldLite, a faster xhtml version of PyMeld -

I got fed up with the assorted templating languages as they all require learning yet another crappy scripting language, plus generally need the overhead of either installing some web development framework or precompiling templates, etc..

PyMeld just reads in the web page as a python object, which you then manipulate as python object (perhaps using form entries fetched using Python's cgi module), and print. Unfortunately Pymeld is ridiculously slow, and appears to have restrictive licensing. But PyMeldLite (which works on xhtml not html) has the same API but is massively faster.. just needs the html templates to be well formed xhtml, so that PyMeldLite can take advantage of Python's XML libraries to do the work. is part of the source code to the spambayes anti spam program which also happens to be the best anti spam technology I have tried.

This allows the template to be edited in any third party HTML editor that preserves "id" tags and still work, and I can move away from embedding type inline html in my cgi scripts.

I still have a way to go before I am happy with how I do my web based development in Python but this is a huge step in the right direction.

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