Wed, 29 Jun 2005

Adaptec FS4500 RAID sucks

Just for the record I would like to say the Adaptec FS4500 RAID unit sucks. Why they would release such capable hardware with such CRAP SOFTWARE is beyond me. Apperently, the only way to talk directly to this box over the network is vie some convoluted CRAP java interface, despite their being working ssh and ftp servers on the device, the passwords of which are not documented. And if you so much as probe around the thing resets itself. Crap!!!!

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Posted by zog at Sun Nov 12 16:09:47 2006
I'd just like to re-iterate this. This thing is an expensive piece of shit. Incredibly unreliable and flaky, and looks like it is now an orphan. Thanks for losing my weekends with your bad design decisions adaptec!

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