Sat, 09 Jul 2005

pyblosxom comments added

Got bored and installed the pyblosxom comments plugin. Now to get it to work. Still pondering moving to the very impressive Wordpress, but I like the pythonicness and simplicity of pyblosxom as well.

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Posted by ZOG at Sat Jul 9 13:58:53 2005
This is the first comment - those pyblosxom developers sure as hell don't make it easy to enable these features do they?

Posted by ZOG at Sat Jul 9 14:09:36 2005
Now to tweak the template so it looks a bit nicer, and a test post to make sure multiple posts display correctly.
<a href="">This is a test<a> of some embedded html in the comments.

Posted by zog at the market at Sat Jul 9 15:21:56 2005
Test of comment posting from preston market
Well not really a test I am just being nerdy with this blackberry.

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