Sun, 02 Jul 2006

goodbye gnome2, hello xfce4

After evaluating XFCE4 as a leightweight desktop environment for an old laptop with not a lot of RAM, I decided there isn't really anything on GNOME that it can't do as well that I use. So I installed xfce4 on every machine I use regularly. I was mainly using gnome on inertia as I am used to it, but still frustrated it by its fatness, wierd quicks and gradual loss of usefull features. I tried KDE and it was frustrating as well.

As its gtk2 based XFCE lets me use all the gnome applications I like without all the hassles of actually running gnome.

Only minor problem I ran into was one of my machines had the font very swmall with no apparent way to change it, the secret turned out to be tweaking the XPI setting in the .Xresources file.

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