Sun, 07 Jan 2007

some reviews of melbourne kimchi

"Korean Kim Kim Chi" Manufactured by FU SHENG FOODS of Springvale Victoria:
Avoid this one, overly salty and sweet, not much chilli and garlic. Icky taste.

"Korea KimChi Chinese Cabbage" - apparently no company name, or the very generic company name of KOREAN FOODS, hard to say. of Mckeon Rd Mitcham:
Absolutely delicious, addictive crunchy zingy taste. I am hooked on this stuff.

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Posted by Clae at Thu Jan 18 21:03:07 2007
Did you know you're the first google hit for zog blog?

Anyway I wanted to get in touch with you about borrowing your cdj for a party on the weekend and I don't have your number.  If you wanna call me I'm at 0421 934 883



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